Letter-Sound Knowledge

Posted by Korbalagae On June 12, 2021

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Mastering letter-sound knowledge is a very important step for young children as they learn how to read. In fact, children who have a firm understanding of this skill make for great readers as they are able to decode.

What is letter-sound knowledge?

All in all, children who have letter-sound knowledge know the sounds letters or groups of letters make. In other words, this is known as phonics.

Altogether, there are so many ways you can help children learn and master this skill, but here I always suggest hands-on methods whenever possible. For example, one my students loved was letter-sound clip cards.

What are letter-sound clip cards and how to they teach letter-sound knowledge?

How do I make letter-sound knowledge clip cards?

In order to make these cards, you’ll need to choose a shape you want children to work with. Then, select the images you believe are familiar to children. These cards can be made in programs like PowerPoint, Word, or Canva and images can be purchased from a variety of places but I prefer Teachers Pay Teachers. Overall, they take a few hours to digitally assemble but once they’re done you’re good to go.

Or you can download my Letter Sounds Clip Cards.

Once downloaded, you can assemble it in these easy steps.

1: Download

2: Print

3: Laminate & Cut

Next, store letter-sound clip cards in an easy-to-reach place for young children. This lets them practice independently.

That’s it! Let me know what other fun, simple and effective tools you use to teach letter-sound knowledge to kiddos.


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